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Next level design for anything 3.0

top design studio with a crypto heart: We design NFT series, direct high-end 3D films or take on a full (re)branding of your project.
— Certified crypto astronauts

We make web3 projects look beautiful.
Sublight is an experienced 3D animation team led by two forward-thinking creative directors. We’re all certified 3.0 astronauts

We know our crypto.

We love to design expertly crafted NFT series. We’ll help with creating an awesome concept that fits the project, discuss rarity, variations and put in an easter egg here and there.

We’re here to design that razor-sharp logo, create a brand identity for your project or design that kick-ass promo to hype up your community.

We’ve got the creative experience, people and 3D superpower to make fantastic films to introduce your project to the world. We direct and design launch films, (tokenomics) explainers and educational films.

…are not what we do. But we have awesome partners that are just as experienced and talented as we are. Feel free to ask.

After running a top 3D animation studio for 10+ years, we branched out in 2020 into Web3. Both studios share their talent and quality, but serve their own clients.

We bring not only experience, but also stability, transparency and a healthy workflow to any project we work on.

branding visuals

Moonboots NFT design project

10.000 beautiful, unique NFT images for the MyMoonboots Genesis drop.


Metaverse rebrand

We worked with Metaverse project UNIVERS to upgrade their existing logo to a full 3D identity animation.



branding visuals

Upgrading a great blockchain project.

Telos is an ‘EVM’ solution for Ethereum powered projects.

We designed this 20-second looping 3D film to be used in their online presence (site, socials and films).


Designing a brand from the ground up .

For the AI-Powered community tool CHAPPYZ we created a a-to-z branding design package, including it’s awesome hero character, two films, marketing templates, telegram stickers and a brand guide.



blockchain explained

The fastest blockchain in the world.

DevvX is a new blockchain ecosystem that is fast. Super fast. The fastest. The technology that drives their insane amount of throughput is layed out in this film – a three minute step-by-step journey .

  • Featured project
The ESG solution

The ESG solution

DevvX (the blockchain network) and DevvE (it’s token) are a powerful combination.
They are built together to support and grow projects that improve our world


NFT Series

Moonie Friends Launching soon

Our highly anticipated NFT series Moonie Friends will release in Q1 of 2024. Go to the official website to check in on whitelisting, checking in with the community and more.
Promo film
Official website
Tokenomics film

DeFi brand film

DeFi project HODL.FINANCE is a blockchain ecosystem that runs on a reflection model. It needed a beautiful film to explain the model and the way their tokenomics system runs.



dApp explained

Alkimi Exchange blockchain powered ad exchange

Alkimi is a blockchain powered advertising exchange. We wrote, directed and designed this 3D film, several static images, animated banners and telegram stickers.


Cabana Labs  branding visuals

Cabana Labs supports Web3 projects in creating verifyable identities for their users.

We designed branding visuals (icons, wallpapers etc) as a foundation to build the brand on.

Visit the project website to see it’s integration.


The Silica Collection

The Silica Collection is a limited series of high-resolution animations to be sold as NFT.


NFT artwork

NFT Artwork on OpenSea

Design pieces beyond commissioned projects – see, share and buy unique NFT artwork minted exclusively on OpenSea.

Go to OpenSea