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Moonboots MB1 genesis collection

A full-set, high resolution NFT series to kick off the reveal of the MyMoonboots community.

— project summary

The brief was simple: “We start from nothing, we believe in your talent so there’s  definitely a carte blanche. All we want is  an awesome set with our two moonboots as the heroes. We hope to get 10K awesome looking and very distinct variations.”

From an art direction standpoint this project was just a blast. We took our time to work with the Moonboots team to create an awesome, unique set of boots that would work as well in solid colors as when heavily textured (like the zebra variation). When the shoe development was done, we designed and discussed all layers in groups: Backgrounds, floors, backdrops and floating ‘trait’ elements.

3D production was fully done in-house. A tight design squad of three designers and one art director worked on general design, textures and lighting.

We delivered a set of 10.000 unique NFT’s in 1500×1500 pixels, several additional and unique NFT’s for various purposes. Think of a placeholders image for pre-mint, a combination set for marketing and additional assets for web development.

Our team also created a new (logo) identity for the MyMoonboots community and Moonboots Capital company. Several additional ‘white canvas’ animations were designed and an awesome promo to introduce the collection.

project highlights


one-of-a-kind NFTs


uniquely designed layers

1.3 m

potential combinations


weeks production period

Official website